House System

The House Competition provides the framework for pastoral care of students, encourages participation in sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities and promotes leadership development.

The House Competition promotes a keen but good-natured rivalry between House teams to see who will win the House Trophy each year. Points towards this prize accumulate from the various sporting and cultural/academic competitions that are held throughout the year.

By setting up a House System, we suspect that strong house loyalty and a sense of fun and friendly competition will capture the school atmosphere.

The school is divided in to 4 houses –

  • Chandragupta (Motto: Freedom & Tolerance)
  • Ashoka (Motto: Morality & Peace)
  • Maharana Pratap (Motto: Fearlessness & Devotion)
  • Shivaji (Motto: Love & Service)

The House-system encourages and develops healthy spirit of competition amongst the learners. Also, a sense of unique belongingness gets fostered in the most impressionable minds from very early age. The entire Academic year’s calendar is packed with all types of intellectual, written, spoken, Quiz and sports & games activities in Inter House Format. Students of all Houses partake the whole year through, to show their latent talent(s) under the guidance of House In-charges and House-Tutors to prove their mettle.