The kitchen and Dining Hall services/Cafeteria are of very high quality, being managed by well trained hotel management team as a major multinational hospitality provider. Children get nutritious, wholesome food which is hygienically prepared and served. The menu caters to different tastes and pallets. Breakfast & Lunch is provided to all students. Cooking, Catering & General Housekeeping for the Hostel & School is undertaken by a dedicated staff of over a 50 people.
Personalized care at DOON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is provided by inaugurating a residential school for grade 3 and upwards. From the word “Hostel” the first thing that comes in everybody’s mind is that the hostels are like prison but here in our school the definition of hostel is totally transform in itself.
Our hostel is like home, wherein, we have all the facilities, fun and frolic and most of all ‘Care and Affection’. The greatest benefit of our hostel is “The Evening Tuitions”. When children struggle with their lessons here, they can easily get their doubts clarified with the help of the teachers in our campus. We also have a gala time with our sports coaches. We frequently go for outings. Here the day starts with a healthy and energetic note and ends enjoying with our peers watching T.V. and sharing pleasantries.
Smart Learning Rooms
Security and monitoring
Audio visual rooms
Swimming Pool
Swimming is for everyone, both young and old. This activity is something that lasts a lifetime — and you can always improve at it! Expose your child to swimming now and they will have a recreational, aerobic activity that they can continue to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives! Once a week the students of all the classes are taken for their swimming class and in addition to this the students are allowed to use the pool for a specific time. For the convenience of our students dressing rooms are there. The pool is designed in such a way that all ages of student can learn and enjoy swimming. It is maintained time to time for any type of health disorders that will affect our students.