We believe that learning should be an effective and happy experience, something that will encourage students to become lifetime learners. To ensure this, the school has designed a custom-made curriculum for the students. The creativity and innovativeness of this curriculum will ensure a joyous and productive learning with lesser stress on the children which will ensure optimum learning outcomes.

Play School

When a child first goes to school, leaving behind the warmth and safety of home, it is that child’s right to be given the same sense of security at school. Recognizing this obligation, we have designed our play wing with special focus on very young children’s needs. Every child is valued as an individual, and given the chance to develop in his/her own special way and still given a strong, solid foundation in academics which can be built upon effectively at higher levels.

Most parents give their children plenty of attention in terms of looking after their basic needs and showering them with toys to entertain them. In DIS, however, children are provided with the ‘right’ toys, i.e., those appropriate to their stage of development. Also, their play is guided so that it becomes a learning experience. The ideas is that children should transfer play behaviors such as feeding a doll, changing its clothes, etc. to themselves, and thus develop self-help skills. The thinking is that if a child can go through the motions of feeding a doll, it will soon learn to feed itself.

Secondary School

In secondary school the right education starts for the future, between the ages of 11 and 16 or 11 and 19, after primary school and before higher education.

In this critical phase of school education, with students stepping into difficult adolescent years and at the same time, having to deal with new expectations and new ways of working- we lay emphasis on not just teaching, but intensive counselling, career guidance, and a teacher student equation based on trust and empathy. The CBSE curriculum, counted among the best worldwide, is delivered effectively by our trained and highly motivated faculty, ensuring that no aspect of the students’ development is overlooked.

HERE in DIS we encourage our students in the phrases like

  • Working Toward Your Goal
  • The Importance of Feeling Valued
  • Seeing a Bright Future
  • Don’t Take No for an Answer
  • The Power of Words
  • Go Ahead and Ask
  • Writing Workshop Skills
  • Never Give Up
  • Be Accepting
  • Learning to Find the Answers
  • Confident Communication
  • Take It in Stride
  • Believe in Yourself
  • That Sense of Accomplishment
  • Rigorous Thinking

Senior Secondary School

The first-class X batch will write their exams under the Central Board of Secondary Education in 2023-24. The road map to class XII already exists, and the same batch will eventually go on to appear for their XII Board Exams.  Mathematical and Biological Sciences, as well as Commerce Stream will be available as options, so that students may specialize in subjects and select future careers on the basis of aptitude and interest.